We Make It Easy to Get Dental Care by Providing Sedation Dentistry in San Marcos

Posted on: July 28, 2015

Sedation Dentistry in San MarcosWhen you need easy, simple dental care, visit us for sedation dentistry in San Marcos. If you have negative memories surrounding the dentist, experience fear or anxiety when the dentist comes up, have trouble controlling movements, or have extra sensitive teeth, our office is the perfect location for you to receive dental care. We provide safe and effective sedation techniques that will help you to relax during your checkup and during any procedures that your teeth may require.

The extent of your anxiety or teeth sensitivities helps us determine what form of sedation you need. During your first visit to our office we will discuss your health, wants, and needs and determine the correct form of sedation for you. We use mild to deep sedation based on the patient and the procedure. Conscious sedation with orally administered sedatives, the inhalation of nitrous oxide, and intravenous (IV) sedation are our most commonly use sedation methods for adults. Depending on the severity of anxiety you experience, we will pick a sedation option that you can take before your appointment or that will be administered once you get to our office. To prevent physical discomfort during your visit, we will also provide you with a local anesthetic.

Here is an overview of our methods for specific sedation dentistry in San Marcos:

Oral Medication: This form of sedative is normally given to the patient either the night before or right before they arrive on the day of their appointment. This method is normally considered ideal for moderate sedation situations. In some cases, you should plan to arrange for someone to drive you home following your appointment.

IV Sedation: For IV sedation, we will run the sedative through a needle into your blood stream. This method will provide anxiety relief quickly, and it will normally leave your blood stream following treatment quickly as well. This is used for moderate to deep sedation.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation: Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide sedation is one common form of conscious inhalation sedation. It quickly induces calm and relaxation and quickly leaves your system following your treatment. It is administered through a mask. Nitrous oxide is most commonly used for the mildest forms of sedation.

General Anesthesia: General anesthesia is only used in special circumstances when a patient needs to be rendered unconscious. This is the deepest form of sedation and should only be considered for emergency procedures, oral surgery, or extensive dental work. The patient will be completely unaware of circumstances when under general anesthesia which is why it is only used for serious situations.

If you have fears when you think of the dentist, don’t let them prohibit you from visiting. Keep your teeth and gums in optimal health by visiting us for sedation dentistry in San Marcos for the most quality and most comfortable dentist visit you will ever experience.

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