Staying Healthy Can Prevent Tooth Loss and the Need for a Dentures Dentist

Posted on: May 23, 2016

Dentures DentistOver 60% of people who need dentures have firmly convinced themselves that they won’t need replacement teeth. Traditionally the argument against dentures has been, “I take excellent care of my teeth”. There is some truth to this statement because people who do take good care of their oral health can often prevent their teeth from falling out. However, statistics show that one in five of all Americans between the ages of 64 and 75 need to replace their teeth. Age and genetics also play a role in determining who gets dentures and who does not.

Taking steps like brushing teeth throughout the day and flossing can help to prevent tooth loss and the need for replacement solutions. Those things are important to do in the home, but if you truly want teeth that are denture free then a bi-annual trip to the dentures dentist is in your future for the rest of your life. Many Americans do not visit the dentist as much as they should with studies showing that around 43% of people do not go to the dentures dentist on a frequent basis. These appointments are important for more than getting your teeth professionally cleaned. They also allow us to deal with infections, cavities, and gum disease as they occur and before they can lead to bone and tooth loss. This is by far the best way to reduce your risk of tooth loss.

Finally, gum disease is something that most people rarely think of, certainly not in the context of dentures. However, 70% of people will be affected by gum diseases during the course of their life. Gum disease that is not caught early and treated effectively can cause irreparable damage to the teeth, leading to the need for an extraction and eventually dentures. Gum disease is actually the leading cause of tooth loss, so it is important to treat it early on. Planning ahead is the best way to avoid any medical conditions and complications, so if you truly are one of those people that do not want to get dentures, start today by scheduling your bi-annual visit to the dentures dentist.

Benefits to Your Appearance

While most people would prefer not to lose teeth, and therefore need dentures, they can help to improve your appearance. In fact, not all people who get dentures have a medical need for them. A lot of people are simply unhappy with the way that their teeth look and feel and want to get them replaced. Largely this scenario occurs when someone is not happy with their smile due to the yellowing of their teeth or other damage that they have suffered. In a recent study, 67% of women who had dentures reported that they tended to smile more often than they used to. Since technology has advanced it is easier to wear dentures and look like your smile is completely natural than it once was.

If you have experienced tooth loss or don’t like the appearance of your teeth we can also offer other cosmetic dentistry solutions like dental implants a dental bridge, or veneers to improve your smile. Call today to learn more about all of these options.

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