Lumineers in San Marcos Can Eliminate Your Dental Imperfections

Posted on: June 3, 2015

Lumineers in San MarcosWe place Lumineers in San Marcos and use them to solve common imperfections. Lumineers are a fantastic way to do so because they are a reliable cosmetic dentistry solution that is both effective and non-invasive. A Lumineer is a thin shell bonded to the surface of your tooth. It is so thin, it is similar to the thickness of a contact lens. There are significant benefits to this when comparing the procedure to getting dental veneers. In general, the process will take less time to complete.

Learn What Lumineers in San Marcos Can Do For You

If you have gaps in between your teeth or if they are yellow or dull from age, the wrong shape for your face, or inconsistent in general, Lumineers can help. You can even use Lumineers to help your teeth look straighter and more uniform. Since they can correct a variety of aesthetic issues, we encourage you to call and schedule an appointment for a dental examination. We will look at your teeth and gums and also take x-rays to determine their condition. This will tell us if you have any health problems that need to be addressed. If, for example, you have any cavities, we will want to remove the decay and place dental fillings first so your teeth are healthy prior to undergoing a cosmetic procedure. Next, we can discuss what you do not like about your smile, so we can inform you of whether or not Lumineers are the best solution for addressing your concerns. At times, you may want to combine this procedure with another one. This is especially true if you have suffered from tooth loss since a Lumineer cannot replace a missing tooth.

The Process of Getting Lumineers in San Marcos

When you are ready to have Lumineers placed, we will make an impression of your teeth and take measurements so they can be created in the perfect size and shape. We can also go over a shade card with you to select the right shade of white for your comfort level. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect smile, only what is perfect for you. This means that you have to be comfortable with how it looks, including how bright your teeth become. Once the Lumineers have been created by the dental lab, you will come to our office to have them placed. This involves roughening the surface of your teeth without actually stripping your enamel. This is the biggest difference between getting veneers or crowns and Lumineers. Since your natural enamel remains intact, the procedure can be reversed, giving you more options. It also means that the procedure will take less time and be less invasive and more comfortable. The amount of sensitivity you could feel will also be reduced.

Next, we will place dental cement on your teeth and adhere the Lumineers to them. If we are satisfied with how they look, we will bond them in place so your smile looks beautiful.

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