Comfortable Dental in San Marcos is Only a Phone Call Away

Posted on: July 2, 2015

Comfortable Dental in San MarcosWe provide comfortable dental in San Marcos and welcome you to visit our office if you have not already done so. Preventative dental care is incredibly important because it allows us to keep you in good oral health. By cleaning and examining your teeth and gums, we can prevent many common oral health problems like cavities and gum disease. Still, by the time some people visit us, they are already experiencing discomfort. In that case, we will examine the teeth to determine the source of the irritation, create a treatment plan, and discuss how to prevent the problem from occurring again.

Education is key, and we want our patients to be educated regarding their oral health. As such, we spend a lot of time discussing health with our patients and answering questions. During these appointments, we also work to dispel common health myths that can have negative consequences. For example, decades of parents have sent their children to bed with a cup or bottle of milk. Since milk is high in sugar, this can lead to baby bottle tooth decay. Sending a child to bed with water is a much safer alternative, but education is required to change these habits. Keeping that in mind, here are a few common myths we hear and our response to them.

Myth – Root canals hurt.

As a provider of comfortable dental in San Marcos, we know that our root canal procedures are entirely comfortable and relaxing. There is a misconception regarding root canals that have mostly been based on television and movies. A relaxing dentist visit is not very entertaining, so dental care and root canals, in general, have been blown out of proportion. When we perform a root canal, we first numb the area so the only thing you would feel is slight pressure. The pain felt is not from the procedure, but from the infection. That means most people have discomfort prior to seeking help and feel much better when we are done with the procedure.

Myth – Bleeding gums should be left alone.

There are cases of trauma where the gums could bleed, but for the most part, gums bleed because of gum disease. This condition forms when plaque builds up on and in between the teeth. If that plaque becomes trapped under the gums, it is nearly impossible to get out without professional help. Leaving it there can lead to gum recession and even future tooth loss. This makes it important to visit our comfortable dental in San Marcos, so we can eliminate any signs of gum disease by breaking up the plaque and tartar causing the condition in the first place.

Myth – Diet soda is okay for your teeth.

Soda is highly acidic, and acid can erode the enamel on your teeth. This makes soda of any kind bad for your teeth. It is far better to drink water, and if you must have a soda, rinse your mouth with water afterward.

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