A Restorative Dentist Can Replace Your Teeth After an Accident

As a restorative dentist, we can replace teeth that were lost in an accident. There are few things more frustrating than losing a tooth unexpectedly, but we can help. If your tooth was too damaged to save, our replacement solutions … Continued

A Restorative Dentist Can Save Your Damaged Tooth

As  a restorative dentist, we specialize in saving teeth that may otherwise need to be pulled.  It is incredibly common to damage a tooth, sometimes doing the most basic of activities.  Driving a car and getting into a wreck, playing … Continued

Restorative Dentistry in San Marcos Can Help If You Damage a Crown

As a provider of restorative dentistry in San Marcos, we can help you if you have damaged your dental crown. Dental crowns are a long-lasting restorative solution ideal to use after a tooth has been infected, chipped, or cracked. Given … Continued